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Babies & Little Waddlers (3 - 18 months)

Our Babies and Little Waddler rooms are for children aged 3 to 12 months and 12 to 18 months old. Your baby’s well-being is essential and through loving care by our experienced staff, your baby will begin to develop and explore the new and exciting environment around them. 

The Rooms

Babies and Little Waddlers is located on the ground floor of the main house and incorporates four playrooms – sensory, physical, free flow and main - two sleep rooms and an outside decking area.  


Activities are based on the main areas of development and interest for children. Including songs, stories, construction toys, activity gyms, moving toys, sensory, physical and outside play. This wide range of toys are provided and planned for to encourage exploration and development.


Continuity and stability of routine and care are very important to the well-being of the very young. We endeavour to emulate the routines followed by parents at home. Staff will discuss with you the individual requirements for your child in much the same way as you do at home.