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2016 Ofsted Report

In April 2016 we were delighted to be given an outstanding rating by Ofsted who felt the overall quality of teaching and learning experiences provided to be at the highest level.

The key findings for parents are summarised below. To download the full report, click here:

  1. The quality of teaching is outstanding. Staff provide children with an extensive range of learning experiences that ignite their interests and motivate them to learn. Children develop high levels of independence and are making rapid progress.
  2. Staff promote children’s well-being exceptionally well. They take all necessary steps to make sure children are kept safe and secure. Children relish the frequent praise and encouragement they receive for their contributions and achievements.
  3. Children are extremely happy and settled and their behaviour is exemplary. They learn, through the expert guidance of staff to share, take turns, and listen to and value others.
  4. The special educational needs coordinator is highly proactive. She collaborates with a range of other professionals to ensure that children requiring additional support benefit from exactly what they need.
  5. Leadership and management are outstanding. Robust checking of the quality of the provision through self-evaluation is securely embedded and highly effective. The management team seeks the views of parents and children which ensures that planned developments are pertinent.
  6. Partnerships with parents are excellent. Staff keep parents exceptionally well informed of their children’s progress and work very successfully in close partnerships with them to promote children’s development extremely well.

If you would like to discuss the content of the 2016 Ofsted report in more detail please do get in touch on 02380 760 700.