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The Hill

The Hill provides the children with an enormous space, which throughout the year provides amazing learning experiences for them to explore. In the summer the children can enjoy rolling down the grass hill, and in the winter then can wade through muddy puddles.

The area provides the children with the space to build their confidence and imaginations. 


The Deck

The Deck provides the babies with a safe and secure environment and their first opportunities for free flow experiences.

The decking provides the perfect surface for little feet to practice crawling, standing, cruising and walking.  


The Physical Garden

The Physical Garden is a place for children to seek new challenges.

This garden provides a huge space in which your children can run, have access to large climbing apparatus and take part in group activities. 



The Preschool garden is a large area that is accessible all year round and which provides the children with opportunities to learn and develop in a way that best suits them individually.

The children have opportunities to play, explore and use their problem solving skills throughout the day. In preschool the children are encouraged to understand safe risk which provides them with the opportunity to become confident in their own decision making skills. 


The Orchard

The Orchard and allotment encourages the children’s natural curiosity, where maths and science becomes effortless. Growing vegetables and collecting fruit provide children with opportunities to consider healthy eating and understand where their food comes from.

Children will use the food as part of their role play and the mud kitchen to develop their ideas, which encourages them creatively and to critically think about all aspects of their play.